Boost Your Performance.

Lower Your Impact on the Planet.

For a little peace of mind while you take another set, the Connelly BIO collection blends sustainable flax fibers with traditional fiberglass. This lightweight, high-strength alternative rivals the performance of modern fiberglass with half the carbon footprint.

​When searching for natural fibers, flax's mechanichal properties made it the natural choice. The tubular structure and low-density offer superb resistance to breakage from tension and compression. Flax is naturally viscoelastic meaning it has an elemental ability to dampen vibrations. Additionally, the fiber’s affinity with epoxy provides an uncompromising fiber matrix construction.

​The flax fibers used in Connelly's new Bio collection deliver a smooth ride experience, leading to less fatigue and more opportunities for the best summer ever. Connelly continues to seek sustainable materials to ensure lakes, oceans, and rivers are preserved for the generations of the future.