Welcome to the Connelly family.
​Since 1965.

We are Connelly.

We are the brand that has been here since the beginning.

We have been building things to make your summer better for over 50 years and we aren't about to stop.

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Our Story

With age comes wisdom. As a brand that has occupied the water sports industry for more than 50 years, we’ve got a whole lot of noggin knowledge. Since our inception in the 60’s building mahogany and white cedar skis to the 70’s and 80’s when fiberglass skis dominated production, we’ve been revolutionizing the industry with technology and leaving a wake of legacy along the way.

Experience makes a difference, and we weren’t born yesterday.

In fact, we’ve been there since the beginning.

The longevity of the Connelly brand has allowed us to claim a lot of “firsts,” like our Big Easy design in the 90’s and V-Step innovation in the 00’s.

But more than that, we claim to be your first ski family, your first memories on the lake and your first ride through the course.

And to this day, we are still your biggest fans.

This same passion that drove the company in 1965 is still the same energy that drives it today. Each of our skis are designed in the USA and thoughtfully engineered from 50 years of research and development to produce high-quality water sports products.

We aren’t just part of history, we make it.

A Connelly ski image of Trent layered on top of a image of Ashley Kidd


The heaviest tricks and the smoothest buoy turns. Connelly's athletes can do it all.