1-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Connelly Skis warranties and obligations set forth below are in lieu of any other express warranties or obligations of Connelly Skis, its distributors, or retailers. All Connelly Skis products are warrantied to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material workmanship except as otherwise provided herein.

Connelly Skis warranty extends for a period of ONE YEAR from date of purchase on all products except hand finished epoxy wake surfboards, wood products, leisure items, pumps and apparel. Wood products, leisure items and pumps are warrantied for 90 days. Epoxy hand finished wake surfboards and apparel are not applicable to any warranties. Proof of purchase is required from an authorized Connelly Skis dealer. RECEIPT MUST CLEARLY IDENTIFY DEALER. Connelly Skis will, at manufacturer’s option, repair or replace any Connelly Skis product, except those excluded from warranty, which exhibits defects in material or workmanship. REPAIRED OR REPLACED ITEMS ARE COVERED FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE ORIGINAL WARRANTY ONLY.


1 year from date of purchase

Skis, wakeboards, boots and bindings, compression molded and Thermo Shell wake surfboards, SUP’s and iSUP’s, kneeboards, ropes and handles, vests, tubes, bags and gloves.

90 days from date of purchase

Wood products, leisure items (floats, dipped vinyl, water mats) and pumps.

No Warranty

Epoxy wake surfboards and apparel.


  • Any damage caused by SLIDERS, RAILS, or KICKERS. DO NOT Slide your board on any sliders/rails if you want to keep your warranty. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  • Epoxy Wake Surfboards.
  • Cost of return shipments to Connelly Skis.
  • Normal wear and tear including, but not limited to, scratches, nicks, fading, tearing of finger holes, pull straps, laces nor does it extend to normal wear and tear of abrasion of the materials used, or damage due to improper handling, maintenance, modification, use or storage.
  • Damage caused by modifications and/or use of equipment not provided with the purchase of Connelly Skis products, this includes bolt-on systems to attach fins and bindings or other items not sold by Connelly Skis. Also, cutting and reshaping boards, overlays and or binding parts, etc.
  • Damage to skis or boards incurred while other manufacturer’s bindings, and/or fins were in use.
  • Damage caused by misuse or an accident such as dock slides, dock or beach starts, striking a solid object, tow rope handle striking product, etc. The validity of damage or any like situation reports are at the discretion of Connelly Skis warranty personnel
  • Damage due to discoloration from sunlight, excessive heat exposure, improper storage and over/under inflation.
  • Products used in commercial, rental, demo, or instructional programs.

HOW TO OBTAIN A WARRANTY: During the warranty period, Connelly Skis will, at its option, either repair or replace a defective Connelly Skis product. You must pay shipping charges. If Connelly Skis determines that the product does not meet the warranty requirements, Connelly Skis will notify you of the cost to repair, if applicable, or if the product cannot be repaired. You will be given the option to repair the product (if repairable) at the quoted cost, and Connelly Skis will repair and return to you. You must also pay the return shipping charges. If you decide not to have the product repaired, or if the product cannot be repaired, you can request the product to be returned. You must pay the return shipping charges.

Connelly Skis claims can be handled in one of two ways: (1) customers can return the product to the retail location where the original purchase was made. (2) Customers can contact Connelly Skis directly to obtain a return authorization number and send the product back on their own. To obtain a return authorization #, please refer to Return Authorization Policy. Return Authorization is for inspection purposes only. Disposition will be determined by Connelly Skis warranty personnel. No warranty claims will be accepted without a valid Return Authorization number and PROOF OF PURCHASE FROM AN AUTHORIZED CONNELLY SKIS DEALER. Warranty claims are claims for warranty coverage only and do not constitute an agreement by Connelly Skis to accept the warranty claim.