Dreaming of glass, slaying buoys, and sultry summer days with the team? Yeah…us too. However, while we wait for the bone-chilling water temperatures to become more endurable, we are stoked to give you a nugget of exciting news. Connelly Skis is launching Connelly University!

We know college life is expensive (cue cash flow for your massive textbooks and greek life dues), so our goal is to help you get behind the boat more often without breaking the bank. In addition to keeping your informed, while spreading the collegiate stoke all season long, we’ve been keeping you…and probably your parents… on the water for 53 years, and we aren’t about to stop.

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College is expensive, but your ski doesn’t have to be.

We’ve got your back with sweet, sweet discount prices, so you can focus on your technique instead of smashing the piggy bank.

Ski on a new ride and cheer on your teammates from an awesome float, college kids, shred is now in session.

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​If you think water sports, hanging out with teammates and enjoying life on the water is the epitome of a good time, you belong in the Connelly crew. Get all the family perks and don’t miss a beat on our stellar collegiate deals by signing up for a newsletter.

​See you on the water!

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