Leveraging geometry to revolutionize flex control.

In the early 90s, we opened a whole new dimension of flex control. Using geometry to influence and control the flex pattern of a ski, we developed our Connelly Advanced Profile Technology (C.A.P.T.). When this technology was first introduced in 1993 on our Attack slalom ski, it set a unique standard for the design process, creating a lighter, quicker and steadier ride.

C.A.P.T. is a remarkable contoured build that allows us to achieve perfect flex and stiffness along the length and width of the ski and maintain an optimum weight and edge profile. This technology has been the third giant step in the engineering and construction of water skis. First it was wood, then fiberglass and now Connelly Advanced Profile Technology. The result: the smoothest, best performing skis on the market.

We are on the quest to build the perfect ski, and C.A.P.T. was a huge step as proven by every ski manufacturer using it in some shape or form.