A key player in the pursuit of the ultimate ride.

Honeycomb core construction was a game changer when it first landed on the market in 1996. Because wakeboard specific boats had not yet been engendered at the time and wake size was scant, it was difficult to complete tricks with lack of air time. Consequently, Honeycomb was introduced to provide a more agile board for snappier execution and easier maneuverability. ​

Built with a high compressive strength to weight ratio, these boards were feather light but still strong enough to support impressive force, providing half the swing weight of a conventional ride and the ability to pull a board back under foot much quicker. ​

Connelly image

As board architecture continued to evolve throughout the years, Honeycomb technology was eventually displaced by more advanced designs. Nevertheless, Honeycomb will always be known as major player in wakeboarding history and a stepping stone in the pursuit of a better ride.