Furthering functionality and convenience.

Only a few years after Connelly revolutionized the industry with Hinge Tech, they created yet another disruptive boot design that furthered functionality and convenience. Featuring the first removable liner, the Prizm Boot emerged after riders began to constantly pull the soles out of their boots to protect their feet while walking around the cable park. To avoid ruined liners and injuries, we created a removable neoprene shoe with outsoles, arch support and orthotic insoles. ​

With the Prizm Boot, riders no longer had to tender-foot around the cable park, negotiate gravel pathways and otherwise avoid elements that destroyed feet. The step in, jam rails, and easy step-out qualities were also invaluable for winching sessions.

Revolutionizing the boot industry didn’t stop with the neoprene shoe, however. During the Prizm Boot’s second year on the market, we utilized a completely new chassis that eliminated all external mounting hardware. Instead, the boot was attached to the board with an internal disc, allowing for the smallest boot footprint on a board still to this day.

Furthermore, we added an open lace loop, which allowed the upper laces to be released completely from the loop, opening up the boot’s outer shell for the largest opening to remove your foot.