Reclaiming our stake on a design that put the fun back in water skiing.

We’ve spent years recreating and refining every area of the sport. While fashioning the best high-end water ski on the market has been part of our lifelong vision, so has creating a ride that makes skiing easier at every level. That’s why in 1995 we introduce our Alternative Series Skis. Referred to as “skis for the rest of us,” shaped slalom skis have been a phenomenon unhindered by time and are still relevant in making water skiing fun for everyone.

The Big Easy was the first shaped ski to ever hit the industry, and *surprise* it made it easy to get out of the water. With 700 square inches, even the burliest rider could get up with minimal body strain. Shortly after, we introduced the Little Easy, a downsized version for smaller and younger skiers. Both featured the Connelly Advanced Profile Technology (C.A.P.T.).

In 1997, we decided to take off the training wheels. The Mid SX and Mid LX were built with a wider tip and tail of the Big Easy but had a slim-mid section, which allowed quick edge changes and easier turns. The Mid SX and Mid LX brought the fun back to water skiing without sacrificing performance.

Today, we still utilize our shaped skis concept in the Big Daddy, Outlaw and Shortline slalom skis as well as the Eclypse combos. In fact, we are so confident in the ability of this design that we offer a Performance Guarantee for the Big Daddy and Outlaw that states, “If the Outlaw and Big Daddy do not perform better and make slalom skiing more fun, we will apply your purchase toward any other Connelly slalom ski.”

Connelly logo

Disclaimer*** When we first introduced shaped ski design in 1995, we put out a simple request — “All we ask is that you remember our name (Connelly) and that you saw it here first. Because there will be lots of ski companies comping out with skis like these in the months ahead. But they won’t be the first, they won’t be the same. And they won’t be the best.” — today we are simply asking for the same respect and remembrance of what the masterminds behind our brand were able to produce and introduce to our beloved sport for the better. Connelly Skis — making summer fun since 1965!

We also applied Skelecore to the 2019 Legacy surfer, which made it more buoyant, nimble and and light on the water.