The peanut butter and jelly that gave us the advantages of both PU and PVC cores.

When it came to our 2019 product line, we wanted to do something different, distinct and damn awesome. Yes, we updated the graphics and makeup of each product, but we needed more. We needed something to leave a mark, to continue our 50+ year legacy of making summer fun and setting the standard. It’s no surprise that the brains behind the scenes at the Connelly factory dreamed up a brand new technology for 2019 that was the first of its kind to hit the market - we dubbed it Skelecore.

When it comes to core, PU and PVC are the most prominently applied materials in the water sports industry. PVC, a low density, light weight foam, is typically used in high-end products in tandem with carbon. Because the PVC has little effect on how the ski will function, the carbon fibers can perform at their maximum, ultimately making a ski responsive and reactive.

On the other hand, PU is a much higher density and heavier foam, which adds a damping effect to a ski, making it more forgiving and more suitable for a wider range of skill levels.

Connelly logo

When we invented Skelecore, it became the peanut butter and jelly that sandwiched the two together. By mixing Skelecore and PU, we were able to reduce the mass of the PU core, which essentially gave us a blend of the advantages of both PVC and PU. We then implemented it into our 2019 Carbon V and found that it made the ski more reactive and quicker than prior years while still retaining its famous forgivable nature that so many know and love.

We also applied Skelecore to the 2019 Legacy surfer, which made it more buoyant, nimble and and light on the water.