While determining which VersaTail option works best for you is not an exact science, these tips will help tune the C1 to your style of skiing quickly and effectively.

  • Ski with the factory installed VT and stock fin settings.
  • Make any desired fin setting changes.
  • Assess whether there is a performance characteristic in the VS or VR shape (outlined below) that would help your pass. If you’re unsure, we recommend trying each one.
  • Install the desired VersaTail option without changing fins settings.
  • Once you’ve determined your preferred tail option further tune by adjusting fins settings.

Our stock tail shape - designed to offer a balanced tail depth through the turn and across the wake.

The round tail lets the ski sit deeper in the water into the turn, adding control at higher speeds for quicker turns and reduced tail blowouts.

The square tail provides more support at the tail, keeping the tip down through the turn and generating more speed between the buoys.